Academics see beyond borders. They often live and work beyond borders. Despite the de-globalisation agendas of governments undermining both academic freedoms, collaborations and funding, the academic experience is still one that bridges cultures, languages, identities and many other boundaries.

Subject-matter intimate | accurate academic copy-editing

With pressure to provide research output, international academics are productionising their efforts. They rely on an ever narrower niche of experts to facilitate this. On the one hand, subject-matter experts with robust and eagle-eye copy-editing skills are as rare as hen’s teeth, and on the other, commercial proof-readers usually fail to follow complex content or get the subtle connotations so their quality of technical proofing quality is often poor or based on blinkered assumptions.

There is a need for a subject-matter intimate copy-editors that have long track records of working with academic expression.

I am regularly commissioned or contracted to meet such demands. I undertake co-writing, copy-editing and deep proofing of scholarly research and technical output, most recently for authors from Middlesex University, Southampton University Business School, SOAS University of London, University of Birmingham, Beijing Normal University and Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, Loughborough University, University of Exeter, and others, on linguistics, finance, accounting, human resource management, business strategy and management, for publication in various academic journals with strict standards.

Prestigious university associations

I have strong associations in the literary centre-of-the-universe, London’s Bloomsbury. My base for 20 years was the University of London’s iconic Senate House at the University of London SOAS, with both tenure and contract-based contribution. The rewards of dedicating this part of my work-life to academia and the higher education community are deep and intangible. My tertiary-level pedagogical work includes developing academic literacy in postgraduate and doctoral candidates, teacher training, and supporting foundation Economics, Finance, International Business and Management courses.

Further, I have authored and co-authored three text-books, including award-winning English for Management Studies, published by Garnet Education for worldwide distribution, winning the 2009 ESU Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award.

I also co-authored and co-edited (full-time under secondment) an extensive range of commercially published online content for ACL Pty Ltd. bought to market in Australia, China, Thailand and Vietnam universities and other educational institutes. In-house, I have authored countless taught courses on writing, communication, presenting and particularly on academic development and English for Economics, Finance, Management, International Business, at University of London SOAS, and English for Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Management and more vocational areas at Middlesex University, on communication skills, internationalisation and lecturer CPD at Masaryk University, and postgraduate writing at the Aga Khan Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations.

I have supported countless high-calibre postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates in their research and writing, at University of London SOASKings College LondonUniversity of the Arts LondonLondon Metropolitan UniversityUniversity of Technology Sydney and the Aga Khan Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations. I have trained postgraduate MBA and Finance students in employability and recruitment processes at HEC Paris, Kings College London and Queen Mary University of London, and on open courses to all students at London Metropolitan University, and to both staff and students at Masaryk University.

My other university involvement has spanned the design, development and delivery of an MA Interpreting module, including authoring complex assessment descriptors, subsequently delivered for many years at Middlesex University. I also undertook and authored a complex consultation and review for an educational department restructure at the same university. Finally, I project managed an annual university-wide browser-based skills and literacy diagnostic for 7000 learners, at the same institution, as well.

"I have never had such thorough copy-editing and I love your approach!"

Associate Professor in Accounting, Southampton Business School, 2019

I provide a meticulous set of rationale notes as supplement to every copy-editing job, for you to develop as a writer. Should you require a linguistically and culturally aware copy-editor with subject matter intimacy and a vast track record in teaching academic expression, please feel free contact me.

Tony Corballis