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Passionate wordsmith

Excellent writing is best a spin-off. As a communications expert, I am primarily a business communication-performance coach, typically for accomplished or aspiring business leaders and thinkers. I also have a substantial background and interest in higher education. Peripheral but closely linked to this, I am a passionate wordsmith. And love it.

Corporate support: understanding client needs

This has provided consistent pleasure for over two decades in supporting wide-ranging clients and fulfilling their needs for self-promotion or written output. I have provided writing and editorial services for professionals and executives in the City of London and other central business districts for decades.

After a brief grad moment in investment banking at entry level, I became an English teacher in the mid-1990s before then managing a large educational department spanning medical, business, vocational and academic English. I had the perfect opportunity for leverage. With a commerce degree and the earlier experience in the City, plus later a master’s degree focusing on public and organisational communication, and a part-time role supporting Finance, Economics, International Business and Management courses in a University of London (Russell Group) university, and 14 years more recently coaching professionals and senior executives chiefly in finance, banking, consulting and IT, in career transition, I became equipped to engage with top-down heavyweight corporate life.

So I quickly developed a thriving external support service to corporate professionals and executives, which morphed into a successful coaching and training business in all aspects of communication performance for leaders, high-calibre professionals and executives and people with aspiration. A component of this was supplementary services in writing, editing, copy editing, ghost-writing and proofing.

Transition and recruitment: director and c-suite perspectives

A 14-year collaboration with now the UK’s leading career consultancy and outplacement firm City CV Ltd. (a subsidiary of Hanover Search, alongside Hanover Talent Solutions) had me designing and authoring a range of training and coaching programmes and webinars for them. I have regularly supported managers, directors, NED and c-suite individuals, largely in finance and investment banking, consultancy, insurance, IT, energy and infrastructure, but also in law, senior public sector, ex-military, operations, medicine, marketing and media, and other areas. My links with industry are extensive and deep.

Track record in corporate writing

  • editing corporate reports and other executive output; 
  • copy writing for websites, across all sectors;
  • writing and editing press releases;
  • writing self-promotional documentation for promotions, applications and recruitment (including targeted CVs);
  • and delivering tailored and sustained training programmes, such as in writing for financial analysis, at Arax Properties Ltd. and for investigative writing for Nardello Ltd. and Risk Advisory Ltd.

Trusted scholarly foundations

With associations in the literary centre-of-the-universe, London’s Bloomsbury, I have thrived in the higher education community and provided services to the sector for 23 years.  Linked to my tertiary-level pedagogical work in developing academic literacy and supporting postgraduate and doctoral candidates to write well, I have been commissioned for extensive writing and editorial output, such as:

1. Copy editing and deep proofreading of scholarly research articles for authors from Middlesex University, Southampton University, SOAS University of London, University of Birmingham, Beijing Normal University, Universitat Jaume I de Castelló, Loughborough University and the University of Exeter, among others, on linguistics, finance, accounting, human resource management, business strategy and management, for publication in various academic journals.

2. Authoring and co-authoring three text-books, including award-winning English for Management Studies, published by Garnet Education for worldwide distribution, winning of the 2009 ESU Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award.

3. Co-authoring, co-editing and implementing extensive commercial e-learning content for ACL Pty Ltd. bought to market in Australia, China, Thailand and Vietnam universities and other educational institutes.

4. Authoring many taught courses on writing and communication and on English for Economics, Finance, Management, International Business, at University of London SOAS, and English for Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Management and more vocational areas at Middlesex University.

5. Supporting countless high-calibre postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates in their research and writing, at University of London SOAS,  Kings College LondonUniversity of the Arts LondonLondon Metropolitan UniversityUniversity of Technology Sydney, and the Aga Khan Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations.

6. Designing and writing materials for an MA module in Interpreting, including authoring complex assessment descriptors, subsequently delivered for many years at Middlesex University.

7. Undertaking and authoring a review for an educational department restructure at Middlesex University, and project managing an annual university-wide browser-based skills and literacy diagnostic for 7000 learners, at Middlesex University.

Media, creative and marketing support

I have written for more creative sectors as well. Over three decades ago, I was an avid writer of fiction as a backpacker roaming the Global South, inspired by anthropology and philosophy electives in my otherwise business degree. My other more creative writing pursuits since have included:

  • copywriting for online and media, including impactful rhetoric for NGO web content, newsletters and reports, such as dedicated in-house work for PBI International
  • ghost-writing for luxury brand PR and for contributors to glossy magazines, including Marie-Claire, Hong Kong Tatler and Hello! among many others
  • proofing for book authors, including works of fiction and an autobiography

Tony Corballis


“Tony I’ve just recommended you … really good feedback … the manager loved the way it was expressed… very impactful and powerful and she wanted to know of your professional services…” – Marcela Robins, Melbourne

"I have never had such thorough copy-editing and I love your approach!" - Associate Professor in Accounting, Southampton Business School

“I’m impressed … a detailed understanding of the situation. I will contact you again.” – Yoshiro Seki, Corporate Auditor, Toshiba

impactful and powerful

“…absolutely perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing. You really know your stuff.” – Stuart Langeveldt, Head of Marketing & Communication, AMP Capital

What would I do without you? No one else could capture exactly what I was trying to get at. It’s amazing.” – Maurizio Maffei, Social Activist and Fringe Film Director

“… you helped write a strategy to target the specific requirements of the project … the help of an expert like yourself can make all the difference.” Paul Masterton, Financial Consultant

wouldn’t change a thing – you really know your stuff!

“On behalf of the board, I’d like to thank you for your contribution… I am immensely proud and because of your talents and skills, we were able to complete the project in-house … a testament to your skills, commitment and hard work as an e-learning developer.” – Helen Zimmerman, Managing Director ACL Ltd.

no one else could capture what I was trying to get at!

“Thank you for your effort… extraordinary attention to detail.” – Martin Altemeyer, Economist

“Tony Corballis designed and wrote all our original training courses … they have passed the test of time in still being relevant and useful six years later … and with all the fundamentals of good learning and development.” Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

still relevant and useful six years later

“… what a great program you wrote… that whole module of work was excellent to teach from … I felt much more confident … It took the headache out of it.” – Jennifer Routley, Lecturer and Teacher

“Tony showed me exactly how to demonstrate things in the format employers recognise.”  – young recruit in British property firm JLL

extraordinary attention to detail

“Thanks for getting the Gateway Clinic in the press. We look fabulous!” – Dominique Joire, NHS

“… extremely happy with your copywriting … a really excellent job.” – Catherine Lelong, Partner and Director, e-HotelServices.com

“You rock.” – Mohieb Dahabieh, Luxury Brand Publicist

“You are the best writing teacher I have ever had.” – Virginia Fiume, postgraduate and published author

” … incredible linguistic knowledge.”  Gwenaelle Boissel, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

“Tony’s knowledge of linguistics, training and assessment was amazing…intelligent, hard-working and dedicated …” Katie Poon, British Police Officer